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  • Representative (now Senator)

    Chris Van Hollen addressing the Washington International Education Conference

    Minister Counselor for Education at the Embassy of Malaysia

    Chinese Minister Counselor for Education greeting participants at the Chinese Embassy

    Embassy of Kuwait and the Kuwaiti Cultural Attache

  • For 20 years, WIEC has led the conversation about international programs and student recruitment



    Thousands of colleges, universities, embassies, U.S. government departments and international organizations have participated in the Washington International Education Conferences over the years. Our attendees are united in their belief in the importance of exchanging objective information, sharing useful tactics, and engaging others’ perspectives.


    Colleges and universities have benefited from hearing the latest information about programs that sponsor or offer scholarships for international students to study in the United States and new techniques and technologies to reach prospective international students. Similarly, embassy officials from key sending territories have learned about new programs offered at American colleges and universities as well as visa and immigration policy updates.


    In the spirit of collaboration, sharing of information, and professional development for international educators, WIEC is proud to offer free access to 82 presentations representing some of the highlights of our conference since 2011.

  • Presentations from the 2023 Washington International Education Conference

    2023 Advising from Afar and Virtual Tools for Recruiting Students in Iran

    Higher Education in Egypt:

    Opportunities for Cooperation

    2023 OAS ROWE FUND Program Overview


    Open Doors Census of International Students in the United States


    Sunrise International - Essential China Updates


    Foreign Language Anxiety International Students


    Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission Scholarship Programs

    U.S. Commercial Service Support for U.S. International Education

    Presidents Council Higher Ed Pathways to Immigration

    Hot Topics for International Students


    Educational Priorities of Mexico


    Higher Education in Japan


    SEVP at a Glance

    Student Visa

  • Presentations from the 2022 Washington International Education Conference

    Education Malaysia in USA

    Your Voice Matters

    International Trade
    Support for
    U.S. International Education

    Higher Education in Egypt

    Internationalization of Higher Education in
    Post-Pandemic Era

    Open Doors

    Organization of American States Financial Aid

    Migrants with Mortar Boards

    The Essential Eight
    China Updates that Will Shape Recruitment &
    Exchange in 2022-2023

    Personalization in Post-pandemic

    International Recruitment

    Let’s Talk About Immigration

    Embassy of Spain presentation on Languages

  • Presentations from the 2020 Washington International Education Conference

    China Recruitment Update from SUNRISE


    Supporting Human Development in the Americas

    In U.S. Immigration Law – 2020 Edition

    Engaging U.S. Universities and Colleges in International Education and Development

    Current Trends Towards Choosing the USA
    as a Higher Education Market in Hong Kong

    How the U.S. Commercial Service Supports
    U.S. International Education

    Students in the
    United States – –
    Open Doors 2019

    State of the India Market

    Closing the global skills gap with open Education

    How to effectively harness the student voice to boost your yield

    Cultural and Linguistic Ambassadors in Spain

    Spanish Summer courses and Master in Spain Universities

  • Presentations from the 2019 Washington International Education Conference

    China Student Recruitment Update from SUNRISE


    Qatar Overview of Higher Education


    Data Analytics for International Recruitment Predictions Abroad

    SANNAM S4 State of the Indian Higher
    Education Market

    Vietnamese Students
    Opportunities and Challenges

    OAS Rowe Scholarships



    Open Doors Presentation 2018


    U.S. State Dept.
    Visa Presentation


    US High Skilled Immigration
    from Pew Research Center


    Trump Trends: How Immigration Changes Are Affecting International Students and Institutions

    US Commercial Service
    Supports US International Education


    SEVP Presentation



    The Indian Postgraduate Market: Opportunity for US Universities

    Being There. Pamela Barrett, Director & CEO Barton Carlyle

    The Invisible Wall: How International Students Can Navigate Recent Immigration Policy Changes

    Laspau WIEC Presentation 2019


  • Presentations from the 2018 Washington International Education Conference

    Brazil Embassy Presentation


    IREX Programs Presentation

    AMIDEAST Fulbright Program


    Diversification by Pamela Barrett


    PTE Academic Presentation



    ndia Presentation, Sannam S4, Lakshmi Iyer


    Student Visas,
    U.S. Department of State


    Department of Commerce Presentation,
    Daniel Gaines

    How Immigration Changes Are Affecting International Student Enrollment, Stephen W. Yale-Loehr, Miller Mayer LLP

    China Presentation, SUNRISE
    International Education,
    Gavin Newton-Tanzer


    Organization of American States Scholarships and Loans for students from South America and the Caribbean

    The Origins and Destinations of International Students, Pew Research Center, Neil G. Ruiz, Ph.D


    Proprietary Programs

    AMIDEAST Education
    Abroad Programs

  • Presentations from the 2017 Washington International Education Conference

    Malaysia Presentation


    Rowe Pan-American
    Fund Presentation

    Department of Commerce​


    Oman Presentation


    Department of State Presentation


    Yale-Loehr Presentation


    Indian Students and the State of Higher Education

    Brazil Presentation


    Sunrise Presentation


    World Bank Presentation


    Pearson Test of English (PTE)

    OAS Scholarship & Training Program


    OAS Intership Program


  • Presentations from the 2016 Washington International Education Conference

    Outreach Through Chinese Social Media

    Engaging US Universities and Colleges (IREX)

    International Students IIE Open Door


    Where Do International
    Students Work After Graduating?

    Surviving Academic
    Life by the Embassy of Oman

    Education Developments

    in Colombia

    Student Visa Presentation


    Recruiting International Students with an Eye Towards the Future

    SACM Presentation

    SEVP Presentation

    ECCOS Presentation


    Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission Contacts

  • Presentations from the 2015 Washington International Education Conference

    Risky Business?

    Barton Carlyle Presentation

    Global MetroMonitor


    The Institute of
    International Education

    Education in Brazil:

    Brazilian Embassy

    Geography of Foreign Students in U.S. Higher Education

    Open Doors:

    International Student Trends

  • Presentations from the 2014 Washington International Education Conference

    Risky Business?
    Barton Carlyle Presentation

    USjournal.com FundsV

    Latest Insights from
    China Online & Offline Recruitment

    Open Doors Presentation
    International Educational Exchange

    Department of State Student Visa

    American Councils for International

  • Presentations from the 2013 Washington International Education Conference

    Bolashak Int’l.
    Scholarship of the Republic Kazakhstan

    Brazil Embassy:
    Scientific Mobility Scholarship Program

    Brazil Scientific Mobility
    Scholarship Program


    Department of State Visa



    Embassy of Oman


    Pamela Barrett
    i-graduate Presentation

    WIEC IIE Open Doors


    Turkish Education System


    John Bader
    Presentation on International Admission

    WES Student Segments



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